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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Broad band internet legislation

In most of the states there is broadband legislation. The one that iratates me the most is the one that won't allow public utility.

Large corporations emphasize on metrol areas because that's were they make the money. When phone companies and electric companies started that's what they did. Then it became a public utility because everyone would benefit from it. Companies farmers the general public , every one.

Now these large corporations Which get government subsidies are using your money to lobby in the states legastator, to prevent you from starting a public utility in the places that they are not doing businesses in. Intern limit compatision and to prevent the poor or the Raul areas from getting broadband internet. The businesses in the area lose business because companies like Verizon, SBC communication, and Comcast corp. don't want competition.

Now lets thing of your children not able to get information. It's like closing the libraries. Limiting information to the cities and preventing it into the Raul area.

The internet is as important as the telephone or electricity. Can you imagine not having either one.

A public utility for the internet can work with companies like our private power system does today and if the companies are making a profit they will out perform the governments. There is only one government agency that still compete with companies and that is the post office. All the rest subsidize corporations.

Broad band internet legislation

Monday, April 25, 2005

PUBLIC SCHOOLS about smaller class size

Lets look at this problem logically. Why do we need smaller class sizes for in the first place.
1. We should be able to control behavior. Good student behave well, will learn well. Have you ever teach a class that's loud and abnottish. So in the elementary classes, to teach proper behavior we need smaller class sizes not computers. I believe we need I-10 or 1-15 ratio. It's a good ideal to have high school and or college students to help for the experience and raise the ratio to 1-5 or 1-8.
After 3rd or 4th grade you can start increasing the size of class rooms for the average students.

The French have up to 60 students per class in high schools and they have better educated students than the US.

This is a good compromise than to lower all the classes to 15 to 20 students, that does not mean that we can have 60 student in high school but it might mean we can have 60 student in college.

I believe that reducing class sizes for k-12 would be to expensive but the best payoff would be in k-3.

I believe that teachers need to be held more responsable for teaching behavior sense they see the students for almost half there waking hours. When you hear a student shoot up a class. Some of them have benn bulled in school. That's where the teacher need to know what's going on.

The best senairlal is for teachers and parents to work together.

I would like to see class sizes for k-3 to be 15 student or less
. 4-8 " " 20-25
. 9-12 " " 30-35
Maybe we could reduce violence in schools too.

one more thing we need to realize that when you teach a child something we need to teach them right the first time.

the lower class size in the first few years will have a dramatic change threw out there school life

PUBLIC SCHOOLS about smaller class size

Thursday, March 31, 2005

SSI policy

Bushes police to borrow to invest is the stupidest thing I ever heard of and if the gov. Followed its own laws it would boarder on illegal as an investor I could only by stock on 30% margin he wants to borrow a $tills. NOW why is there a cap on SSI I think its $80k yr 7% from employees and 7% from employers now I'M not against a mandatory savings plan just change the law on a Roth Ira or on a regular Ira.
Raise the cap to lower the percentage you have to pay into social security insurance in turn take from the upper middle class and give to the poor sense the rich stop paying a lower % the more they make. SO BUSHES PLAN SMELLS REALLY BAD on top of that there is no classes in k-12 that teach how to invest. To me BUSH is sidestepping health insurance it would be a better fight. Sounds to me, take from the middle class, give to the poor and let the rich try to take it all by having uneducated people investments poorly. What might be worst is allow cooperation's take your money and invest it. With out being able to pull it out and put it somewhere else.
NOW is social security a retirement insurances or a disability insurance according to advisory board subcommittee on humane resources there are 7 mil. Receiving federal payment and 1.2 mil were 65 or older and 5.7 mil. Were under 65 and were disabled sound to me the investment program wouldn't help at all for them.
If Bush wants SSI to be invested why not let the SSI department invest in the stock market say 5 % of its trust fund. Why let individual's invest if they want to invest then they can use the Roth Ira or regular Ira. That's what insurance companies do.

In fact what I heard bush want to do is allow companies to invest for you. Do you remember what happened to your parents or grand parents pension when all those companies put there pension into the general fund in the 80s. Now you now why we don't have company pensions. We have 401ks,401bs,Roth IRAs, and regular IRAs.

The government changed the rules because the companies stold the pensions because of a loophole.
. One more thing our fed. gov. Owes the SSI trust fund, that means that they the gov borrowed against it's self. Or you can say they borrowed from us or better yet our children.

How about this let the SSI trust fund invest in other governments, like the euro, Japan. Let them have a nice round gov. bond profile.

SSI policy

Thursday, March 24, 2005

HEALTH INSURANCE for all and how to implement it

  1. first thing the highest expenditure in the health insurance is the cost of red tape (paper work) estimated at 30% of the cost so for starters. I would set up a nonprofit to organize and create a more standardized way for insurance companies ,Homos ,hospitals ,and doctors to communicate and keep records witch would include software would be payed by the insurance com. Something like open source software has started.
  2. create 3 to 4 plans that go from minim to the best coverage so patrons can compare insurance com. Can add to benefits for incentives
  3. create test that would encourage people to get into shape and stay there so people could get better insurance for less cost (incentives) or more,better insurance for the same cost
  4. create incentives for patrons to shop for reasonable cost for doctors and operations say they save on the overall cost they get better insurance or a discount on better insurance or a rebate. Maybe a cash incentive
  5. make another nonprofit that will distribute the government fund to HMO's and insurance com. They would also keep track of all the patrons by SSI no. And or insurance no.
  6. now how to pay for it how about a gross income tax or a payroll tax like SSI but no cap so its spread out to all. It could even be a B&O tax. You could even change the tax code

Now by creating the nonprofit and cutting the paper work. Making some standards now you can get rid of some government agencies like the veterans hospitals Medicare Medicaid and even L&I. By taking the risk of collecting money and guaranteeing that the insurance com. Get a certain amount and causing competition. I believe that we can cut the cost of health care by 30% to almost 50% .If you count all the government agencies maybe more. When DNA mapping and or screening insurance will no longer be insurance. Most industrial countries have health insurance and it is more cost efficient than ours. So something is going to have to happen or the rich will be the only ones that will have it and they don't need it.

HEALTH INSURANCE for all and how to implement it

Friday, March 18, 2005

EDUCATION home school how it could save us money and give you more chooses phase 2

Why home school why not, there is a home school ass. And some states have it in place. Now how can it save us money you might ask? Well it cost us approximately $10,000 per child per year to send your child to school. It depends on the location some places cost more than others. Private school is even more, now religion school is a little cheaper than both but what if you do not want religion school and cant afford privet school. So home school is just another choice and we live in the US so we should have choice .

Now what can all of us benefit from home schooling

  1. We can all save money by paying a qualified parent to teach a child or 2 or 3 .
  2. moms that want to stay at home but couldn't afford it may be able to
  3. colleges and universities love them (the children) because they can learn on there own and are easer to handle (basically make better student)
  4. some children learn better on a one on one basis and we could not afford that with public schools
  5. troubled children almost always do better with home schooling because they have trouble with public schools or the other children ( pear presser can be harmful )
  6. more compassion most of the time the better, but parent that home school usually need help. There are home school associations and public schools that teach classes that the parents might be lacking skills and experiences in because everybody is not perfect at everything

    Now how can it save us money and still have well taught children.

    Like I said it cost the government an avers of $10,000 per child , now if we pay stay at home moms or dads to teach there children say $3,000 for the first 2 child and a $!000 their after. As long as the parents stay to gather. Wow that would encourage couples to stay to gather instead of encourage them to get a divorce like some of the tax law and there are other laws do that, encourage divorce so this would be a change

    WOW encourage families to stay together , learn together, how about eat together. Does this make any sense it might save us money but the benefits are a lot more than dollars.

    Now you might ask why not pay the parents the $10 K because public school is like insurance , we have the handicap, slow learners, the buildings to build and maintain, and a bunch of other considerations that we would have to look at for the sake of the general public. THINK ABOUT IT!

EDUCATION home school how it could save us money and give you more chooses phase 2

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


All mass transportation is subsudize, that includes cars, trucks, trains, and air planes.
The auto and trucks are subsudized by roads, the air plane is subsudized with air ports and air trafic controllers.

The railroads of course is amtrack and other light rails.

In the US the east coast has more mass transit than the west coast. Amtrack moves millions of people threw the year, yes it losses money but so does our road system which is subsadized.

MY PROPOSAL is that we need a public ulitity track system. When the US builded the rail system they gave it up to the corparations not like other countries that keep them IN PUBLLIC DOMAIN like mexieco.
. We can lease the tracks out by using weight x distance = cost

All six lane highways that need expanding should get a high speed rail down the center of them. We also need overpasses that allow people to get on and off safly. We will also need park and rides,buss service, a place for cabs and other sevice providers to help make it run smoothly.

This is on the notion that if you build it they will use it becouse they are allready there. Not like if you build it they will come. Its also great advertizment watching a train pass you by when your stuck in a trafic jam. Allso don't for get comfort, people go out and buy expensive cars so they have comfort. If the train is noisy has a bad vibration, the sets hard, PEOPLE WON'T USE IT.

Now witch bussines will it hurt and witch ones will profit by.
Lets start with the busneses it may hurt. Gas companies may hurt a little becouse we will use less fuel. Doctors becouse we will get cleaner air, less asma atacts, reduction in lung cancer, and we will have less accidents. The auto parts industry becouse the use of cars will be less. Some of the auto maintance shop will find a reduction to.

Now the benifits the companies that will profit from it the most. Retail sales becouse people will have more to spend instead of fuel. Auto insuranse companies may gain a profit becouse less cars on the road at a time, we may have less axcadents.But people will still keep their cars and keep their insurance.We will save Tax dollares becouse we wouldn' have to expand roads and maintan them. It is cheaper to maintane railroads tracks than roads. I believe that the auto industry will not suffer. Why you may ask, becouse people wil still buy cars, they just wont use them as much.
People love cars, they like there freedom, take there car away is like putting them in prision. So people will still buy cars. They just won't use them asmuch. Like back and forth to work. But they wil like to take trips.

I would like to see a maglev train that are 250 miles long the only ones in the US are only 20 to 30 miles long. What a wast of money.

You see air planes are not as feasable as maglev in the 250 mile range.
In alot of airports 25% of the take off and landings are within the 250mi. range.

So Instead of adding runways and traffic controlers, Maglev starts sounding prettty good. They may even be fasster than an airplane.

Food for thought.
. If you cover a maglev track to pervent animals from getting hurt, damage to the trains, and put a vacume in it. A maglev could run faster than 300mi. per. hr. and have less noise.
. How about solar or wind turbines to pump out the air. It would be feasable to run a maglev at say 500 mabe 1k mi.per.hr.



Wednesday, March 09, 2005

EVER BODY SAYS THE US IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD by what scale is I what I want to know

1. Our life expectantly is the lowest in industrial nations Ranking 25th
2. We have one of the worst prenatal care ranking in the 20s
3. We imprison more people in the industrial world. We rank 3rd highest for imprisonment
4. We have 1 to 3 mil homeless
5. We have 50mil. with out health care
6. Our cooperation lobby with dollars to make laws that are best for them the few not for everyone. The corporations use to pay 30% now 7.5% of the federal taxes

7. We have 50mil working full time for federal minimum wage and only one county you could live on that salary taking 30% of your wages to pay for rent and utilities

8. Our education for k-12 ranks in the 10ths I think and I don't see an improvement soon
9. The poor are finding it harder to get upper education where other countries pay for it. The young is in debt for student loans and don't have health care. WHAT A WAY TO START A LIFE,in debt no savings no health care and living with friend or on the street. Yes it happends all the time

10. Europe,France,UK china,Japan all have maglev and other high speed rails that go over 200 kilometers. The US only has one and it only goes for 20 miles.

11. Our mass transit hasn't improved much. Even Bush's brother in Florida wanted to stop a high speed rail. But we are putting money in roads and airports. Smell the fumes yet.

12. Bush put us in debt, ever citizen owes Apr. $20k in the federal buget. Did you see where it went not into infrastructure, no to his good buddies at Hallabertiion and other rich friends.

13. Did you know that the US has invaded 52 countries scene ww11. We have taken out elected presidents, put in dictators, helped guard oil pipe lines that the US oil companies used save labor to build.

14. Why do we allow US companies that rape murder and or use slave and or child labor to still exist. Believe it or not they are our ambassadors of our country. Do you thing when our government invades other countries and put puppet dictators in and allow these government to put there countries in debt, like 50% of there GDP we are making friend. ONE MORE THING THE US GOVERNMENT COULDN'T KEEP DRUGS OR ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF THE COUNTRY. SOME THING TO THING ABOUT

So what makes this country the best in the world and by what standards please tell me. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW

EVER BODY SAYS THE US IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD by what scale is I what I want to know